Snare drum Pro vídeo Comentários & dicas e truques que você deve saber

Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner: Snare drum tuning tips - Overtones and lug pitch

Drum tuning tutorial on how to tune drums with Drumtune PRO | Drum Tuner iOS Drum Tuning App. This instructional video tuning guide shows a handy ...

Drum tuning with Drumtune PRO -LUG TUNER MODE BASICS

How to clear a drum head? Instructional video on tuning your snaredrum with the help of Drumtune PRO's LUG TUNER mode.

DM TOUCH - ALESIS - iPad Drum Module - REVIEWS ...


I get a lot of questions about the metronome app I use in my videos so here is a pretty in-depth walkthrough of the app. Enjoy!

Drum Tuning Tips- Drum Head Clearing Basics

Short animated video with background information on how to tune drums. Bear the following drum tuning basics in mind when fine tuning a drum and clearing ...

DRUMTUNE PRO APP - Banco de pruebas

Hoy vamos a hacer la review de la App para IOS DRUMTUNE PRO Una herramienta genial para ayudarnos a afinar. Si la queréis comprar este es el link de ...

BEST METRONOME APP - Diddles & Beats #13

New drum videos & lessons every Sun., Mon., & Wed. Link for iPhone version: ...

Drum Tuning Tutorial - How To Tune Drums the COOP3RDRUMM3R Way!

My Drum Lessons! Like My FB! Follow Me!

Mike Johnston Introduces Tune-Bot Drum Tuner

An introduction of the first true drum tuner. Includes information about the device and how to use it properly. For more information visit

Drum Pad Machine

Я в ВК Я в Facebook electro, drum, pads, electro drum pads, the elegant beast, android ...

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